Life in Libya Getting Worse Before Recent Fighting

May 20, 2019
Before the latest fighting, Libyans' lives were already getting worse, with record-low numbers thriving and record-high numbers reporting that they lacked money for food or shelter over the past year.

Hungarians See Record-Low Freedom for Their Media

May 14, 2019
Since 2010, the percentage of Hungarians who say the media in their country have a lot of freedom has dropped 50 percentage points.

In U.S., Real Estate Still Leads Stocks as Best Investment

May 7, 2019
More Americans continue to choose real estate (35%) than stocks (27%) as the best long-term investment.

South Africans Hopeful, but See Few Changes After Zuma

May 7, 2019
South Africans haven't seen much change on key issues -- such as corruption -- and this will likely be on their minds Wednesday as they vote.

It's the Manager Exclusive Content

April 29, 2019
Use Gallup's advice and next steps to tackle these important issues head on. The practice of management has been stagnant for too long. Are you ready to change it?

A New Solution to the Skilled Workers Shortage

June 29, 2018
Learn how to solve skills shortage and engagement problems by redesigning career paths and selecting managers with a better method.

Culture Wins by Attracting the Top 20% of Candidates

June 28, 2018
Did you know your culture may be the reason you aren't getting your top 20% of candidates? Learn if yours is helping or hurting your talent pool.

Why Outcome-Based Cultures Need Engagement to Thrive

June 27, 2018
All workplaces are more productive and profitable when employees are engaged. But outcome-based cultures need this to function at their peak.

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